Pilates Mat
Strengthens and tones all the body's core muscles through targeted exercises. Strong core muscles support the spine, reduce back pain, and are an integral component of athletic performance as well as every day. 

HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training (Coming this March 2019)

The "Ultimate Challenge", a mix of callisthenic and body weight exercises with intervals of cardio bursts and strength training. A variety of equipment is used, always different, always fun, and never intimidating. This is sure to increase your metabolism and strength.

An energetic, faster paced vinyasa flow with Pilates added to the mix. Set in a non-heated room, postures and abdominal sequences will vary from class to class. This class will challenge and strengthen your core, balance and concentration; while leaving the body feeling stretched and relaxed. Open to all fitness levels.


Private Reformer

An apparatus/machine that uses springs for resistance to condition the core, developing long lean muscles, while also improving  flexibility and alignment, Sessions are designed for personalized one-on-one attention, allowing each client to discover the correct body alignment and work at their own level of comfort and intensity.

Private Yoga, Mat Pilates, or Strength-Training

One on one sessions of either Yoga, Pilates, Strength-Training, or a combination of all three. Creating a workout that is structured around your goals and scheduled to meet your needs.